Hall of Fame – Estonia

Year 2017

Sustainable Growth Award | Incap Electronics

Incap Electronics is the biggest manufacturer of electronic equipment in Saaremaa. The company has operated in Kuresaare since 2000 and employs over 80 people.Incap Electronics has demonstrated true commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices with regards to lean manufacturing, commitment to local education system and community development. The winner of the Sustainable Growth Award is an inspiring example to all of the companies in Estonia with its never-give-up attitude and community engagement initiatives.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award | Kristel Kruustük, CEO and Founder of Testlio

Kristel Kruustük is the founder and CEO of the international IT company Testlio. Kristel’s journey towards becoming an entrepreneur started with her passion to improve the working conditions and environment of software testers. This is how Testlio started in 2012, and over 5 years, it has developed into a global network of testers and a platform offering software testing as a service.By finding a growing niche market, this young entrepreneur has become a respected player on a global scale. She is an inspiring role model for hundreds of women who wish to work with technology and dream of becoming entrepreneurs.

Technological Innovation Award | Protex Balti

Protex Balti is a leading provider of advanced textile solutions to the Scandinavian market. The company is a subsidiary of Protex (Norway) and currently employs 230 people in Tallinn and Pärnu.Protex Balti has shown great care for contributing to a safer working environment. The company has successfully brought together scientific approach and industry needs in designing practical and innovative products.