Keynote Speakers
Guest Speakers
Keynote Speakers
2017 | Ms. Christina Bengtsson
Christina Bengtsson is a focus expert, author, lecturer, military officer and World Champion in precision shooting.
2016 | Ms. Sofie Lindblom
Global Project Manager Innovation at Spotify, winner of the 2014 Microsoft's award "IT girl of the year".
2016 | Mr. Andreas Ekström
One of the leading commentators on the digital revolution, Award winning Swedish journalist and author.
2016 | Mr. Stefan Hyttfors
Futurist and keynote speaker on future trends, disruptive change and innovative leadership.
2015 | Mr. Robert Karjel
Robert Karjel is a helicopter pilot and lieutenant colonel in the Swedish Air Force.
2015 | Dr. Kjell A. Nordström
Dr. Kjell A. Nordström is the enfant terrible of the new world of business.
2014 | Mrs. Karin Nilsdotter
Karin Nilsdotter is a recognized space tourism pioneer, winner of numerous Awards in Sweden.
2014 | Mr. Edward Lucas
Edward Lucas is an expert on Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, covering the region for The Economist for 20 years.
2014 | Mr. Steve Mulhearn
Steve Mulhearn has over 25 years experience in the networking and telecommunications industry.
2012 | Mr. Alexander Bard
Alexander Bard is a writer, philosopher, artist, record producer and a highly sought after lecturer.
2011 | Dr. Kjell A. Nordström
Dr. Kjell A. Nordström is at the forefront of the new generation of European-based business thinkers.
2010 | Mr. Fredrik Härén
Fredrik Haren is a Swedish entrepreneur, publisher, author and the founder of a creativity company called interesting.org.
2009 | Mr. Mattias Klum
Mattias Klum is a Swedish photographer and film producer in natural history and cultural subjects.
2009 | Mr. Peter J. Williamson
Peter J. Williamson is a professor of international management.
2008 | Mr. Albert A. Angehrn
Albert A. Angehrn main focus is on Entreprenership and Change Management.
2007 | Mr. Fons Trompenaars
Fons Trompenaars is a Dutch author and consultant in the field of cross-cultural communication.
2006 | Mr. Kjell Enhager
Kjell Enhager is Swedish sports psychologist, one of the most famous Swedish business and sports coaches.
H. E. President of the Republic of Lithuania Ms. Dalia Grybauskaitė
H. E. President Dalia Grybauskaitė, elected in 2009 and re-elected for her second term in 2014.
H. E. President of the Republic of Lithuania Mr. Valdas Adamkus
H. E. Valdas Adamkus served two consecutive terms as the president 1998-2003 and 2004-2009.
Mr. Andrius Kubilius
Andrius Kubilius, the Prime Minister of Lithuania.
H. E. President of the Republic of Latvia Andris Bērziņš
H. E. Andris Bērziņš served as the President of the Republic of Latvia from 2011 to 2015.
Mr. Andrus Ansip
Andrus Ansip, the Prime Minister of Estonia.
Mrs. Ewa Björling
Ewa Björling, Minister for Foreign Trade, Swedish Government.
Mr. Juhan Parts
Juhan Parts, Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications, Estonia.
Mr. Artis Kampars
Mr. Artis Kampars, Minister of Economics, Latvia
Ms. Liselott Hagberg
Liselott Hagberg, Vice Speaker of the Swedish Parliament.
Mr. Gunnar Wieslander
Gunnar Wieslander, State Secretary, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Swedish Government.
Mr. Gunnar Oom
Gunnar Oom, State Secretary for Trade, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden.
Ambassador of Sweden to Estonia Mr. Jan Palmstierna
The Ambassador of Sweden to the Republic of Estonia H. E. Jan Palmstierna.
Ambassador of Sweden to Latvia Mr. Mats Staffansson
The Ambassador of Sweden to the Republic of Latvia H. E. Mats Staffansson.
Ambassador of Sweden to Lithuania Ms. Cecilia Ruthström-Ruin
The Ambassador of Sweden to the Republic of Lithuania H. E. Cecilia Ruthström-Ruin.
Ambassador of Sweden to Lithuania Mrs. Ulrika Cronenberg-Mossberg
The Ambassador of Sweden to the Republic of Lithuania H. E. Ulrika Cronenberg-Mossberg.
Ambassador of Sweden to Lithuania Mrs. Malin Kärre
The Ambassador of Sweden to the Republic of Lithuania H. E. Malin Kärre.
Mr. Mantas Zalatorius
Mantas Zalatorius, Area Manager, Head of Baltic States Unit, Swedish Trade Council.
Ms. Birgitte Bonnesen
Birgitte Bonnesen, Head of Baltic Banking, Swedbank.
Mr. Håkan Berg
Håkan Berg, Head of Baltic Banking, Swedbank.
Mr. Antanas Danys
Antanas Danys, Chairman of the Board, Swedbank Lithuania.
Mr. Robert Kitt
Robert Kitt, Head of Corporate Banking Division at Swedbank Estonia.
Ms. Cecilia Hermansson
Cecilia Hermansson, Group Chief Economist, Swedbank.
Mr. Johan Andsjö
Johan Andsjö, CEO of Yoigo.
Mr. Thomas Jönsson
Thomas Jönsson, Vice President and Head of External Communication, TeliaSonera.
Ms. Minna Pajala-Hammar
Minna Pajala-Hammar, Head of Corporate Responsibility, TeliaSonera.
Mrs. Indra Åsander
Indra Åsander, Senior Vice President, Head of Product Management, Mobility Services, TeliaSonera.
Mr. Simonas Steponavičius
Simonas Steponavičius, Captain SY Ambersail.
Mr. Carl Eric Stålberg
Carl Eric Stålberg, Chairman of the Board, Swedbank.
Mrs. Kerstin Born
Kerstin Born, Executive Director CSR Europe, Corporate Social Responsibility.
Mr. Ben Davis
Ben Davis, CSR Europe, Corporate Social Responsibility.
Mr. Mats Odell
Mats Odell, Chair of Committee on Industry and Trade, Parliament of Sweden.
Mr. Michael Wolf
Michael Wolf, President and CEO, Swedbank.
Mr. Pasi Ahti Yrjänä Koistinen
Pasi Ahti Yrjänä Koistinen, President and CEO, Ncell, Nepal.
Ms. Eva Walder
Ms. Eva Walder, Director-General for Trade Policy, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden.
Guest Speakers
Dr. Roberts Kilis, Associate Professor at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.
Joakim Helenius, Founder and Executive Chairman of Trigon Capital.
Rainer Kattel, Professor and Chair of Innovation Policy and Technology Governance, Department of Public Administration, Tallinn University of Technology.
Indrek Kaing, Winner of the Swedish Business Awards 2009.
Maria Alajõe, Member of the Board, Enterprise Estonia.
Arminta Saladžienė, President and Chairman of the Management Board NASDAQ OMX Vilnius.
Arnoldas Burkovskis, Vice-Minister, Ministry of Economy, Lithuania.
Erik Hallberg, Senior Vice President of TeliaSonera, responsible for Baltic Countries.
Rolandas Barysas, Editor-in-Chief of Verslo Žinios.
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